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True Crime
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28 August 2014
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The Inside Story of Scotland's Most Notorious Raids


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Daring, audacious and mind-blowing – or terrifying, brutal and horrific. Scotland has been home to some of Britain’s most high profile robberies and Heist lifts the lid on some of those notorious raids, reopening the files on both solved and unsolved cases. By retracing the steps of the robbers and through interviews with experts and those who had their lives hit by the incidents, the book puts a new slant on some jaw-dropping crimes. From one of the highest profile art thefts of the modern era to an SAS style aerial assault on a bank, Heist tracks raids on everything from stately homes to industrial units as a scourge of modern society is highlighted.

Paul Smith trained as a reporter with DC Thomson, serving on The Courier, Evening Telegraph and Sunday Post. He went on to work in the weekly press and served as a local newspaper editor for more than three years before returning to the regional sector. After more than 16 years in newspapers, working in news and sport, he moved into the PR industry in 2012. As an author, he has penned more than 10 sports titles as well as ghost-writing several autobiographies.