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Harry Lipkin, P.I.
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06 June 2013
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Harry Lipkin, P.I.

The World's Oldest Detective
by Barry Fantoni - Find out more about the author


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‘Wisecracking and wise, humorous and humane' – Ian Hislop

'A life-affirming tale of aging and mortality and a laugh-out-loud whodunnit' – The Oldie

'I left Harry reluctantly, hoping that I could visit again soon. May the octogenarian PI live to be 100, something that, by extension, I also wish for his originator' – Bookbag

'If you love books with the warmth and style of the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency, the wit and humour of Woody Allen and the thrill and suspense of Columbo, then you will definitely enjoy this book as much as I did' – sixtyplussurfers

Meet Harry Lipkin, P.I. the world's oldest detective.

Harry Lipkin's specialty is taking on the cases the police just aren’t interested in – and his latest case is a doozy. Someone on the staff of wealthy widow Norma Weinberger is stealing from her. Nothing fancy, no diamond-encrusted teapots or anything, but enough to rattle her. Harry takes on the case, navigating his way – gingerly – through a twilight world of boxing, gambling and gangs to find the truth. Elegantly written and illustrated throughout by the author, Harry Lipkin, P.I. is a life-affirming tale of ageing and mortality as well as a laugh-out-loud whodunit. The fact that the guy keeps his gun next to his false teeth should tell you a lot.

Barry Fantoni has had a long and illustrious career in the arts – from writing scripts for That Was The Week That Was and presenting BBC series A Whole Scene Going (for which he won TV Personality of the Year) to writing and drawing cartoons for Private Eye and The Listener, and being an art critic for The Times. He attended the Slade School of Fine Art and was a key figure in the 1960s pop art movement. Barry now lives in France where he plays jazz, writes plays and poetry, and plans to write two volumes of memoirs.