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The Ghost of Helen Addison

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Publication Date
06 July 2017
Paperback (also available as an ebook)
Available for Sale
Birlinn Ltd

The Ghost of Helen Addison

The First Leo Moran Murder Mystery
by Charles E. McGarry - Find out more about the author


eBook also available from the iBookstore

'Charles McGarry has opted for the road less travelled. His central character, Leo Moran, is a private detective with a passion for fine food and wine … I enjoyed meeting him after a slew of novels featuring jaded cops and hard-bitten private investigators’ – Scotsman

'A hugely enjoyable murder mystery with a sprinkling of the supernatural, The Ghost of Helen Addison is Tartan Noir with a difference' – Daily Record

'5 Stars – If you enjoy a mystery with a spectral twist, this is the tale for you' – The Bookbag

‘My pick of the year for sheer entertainment value and spectacular leftfieldedness. McGarry takes the road less travelled both literally and figuratively. I’ll be there for the next’ – Donna Heddle, Bottle Imp Best Books of 2017

Leo Moran is not your average private detective. An avowed gourmet and wine connoisseur, he enjoys the pleasures of life to the hilt in the splendid isolation of his West End apartment. Ordinarily, his most pressing concerns involve which vintage of wine to pair with the finest organic steak, but at times he has more unsettling concerns: visions of violent crimes.

After the ritualistic murder of a young woman in rural Argyll Leo decides to help the police. He arrives at a brooding, majestic landscape in the grip of winter and meets a host of strange and colourful characters who congregate in and around the Loch Dhonn Hotel – including the ghost of the victim.

Frustrated by forces of evil summoned up the killer, at first Leo fails to make headway, and his intemperance wears thin the patience of his allies and the police. Cast out and close to despair, Leo must draw on all his powers to unmask the murderer before he himself becomes the next victim.

Charles E. McGarry lives in Glasgow where he was born and bred, although he spent several years living in London and Edinburgh. He has played in bands, is widely travelled and graduated from Glasgow University in 1994 with an honours degree in History and Politics. He currently works as a newspaper page designer and sub-editor, having formerly been a business analyst for British Telecom. He is the co-author of The Road to Lisbon (Arena Sport, 2016).

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