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Everyday Gaelic with CD
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Gaelic, Reference
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05 May 2006
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Birlinn Limited

Everyday Gaelic with CD

by Morag MacNeill - Find out more about the author

‘It is a positive pleasure to welcome a new edition of Morag MacNeil’s excellent work, a book and a concept I have long admired.’ – Scots Magazine.

Everyday Gaelic has been compiled by an author with many years’ experience in teaching Scottish Gaelic to adults and children. In addition to basic words and phrases, it also includes more complex and idiomatic material, all arranged thematically and covering topics such as meeting and greeting, travelling, the weather and eating and drinking. There are also clearly explained sections on grammar and imitated pronunciation for all Scottish Gaelic words and phrases. The result is an accessible and useful book which will be of benefit to all levels and ages of learners.  

Designed to be used with or without the accompaniment of the Everyday Gaelic book, the 80-minute-long CD features Scottish Gaelic phrases spoken by native speakers and arranged by topic. Each phrase is preceded by its English translation and followed by a pause to allow the learner to repeat the phrase. Helpful for both comprehension and pronunciation, this CD is particularly useful for learners without access to a native speaker.

Morag MacNeill learned Scottish Gaelic as a teenager. She was a full-time primary school teacher and now works as a supply teacher, mainly in the Gaelic medium. She has done extensive teaching of adults within night class, adult education groups and organisations.