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06 November 2014
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A Chasm in Time

Scottish War Art and Artists in the Twentieth Century

Winner of the Saltire Scottish History Book of the Year Award 2015

by Patricia R. Andrew - Find out more about the author

‘An arresting, thought-provoking and at times heart-rending record of artists’ experiences of and reflections on war’ – Herald

‘an excellent guide to war art and the artists behind it’ – Scots Magazine

‘Remarkable . . . A Chasm in Time is a Scottish record in itself. This book tellingly and vividly preserves, restores and represents the link between war and the painterly or visual imagination throughout the 20th century. Better still, the book is a work of art in its own right. The writer, publisher, designer, and all those individuals and trusts that have contributed to its production for only £30, deserve the highest possible praise’ – Scottish Review

This is the first study of Scottish war art and artists of the twentieth century. A fascinating visual record of Scotland’s experience of conflict, both on the home front and in theatres of war, it features over 200 works of art, many of which have never been reproduced in book form before. Patricia Andrew looks at the context in which artists undertook their work, how it was received, and the influence the experience had on their careers.

Although the book naturally concentrates on the First and Second World Wars, it begins as the century opens with the ongoing war in South Africa, and ends with recent conflicts which are still continuing today. Themes discussed include developments in photography, poster design and camouflage. In addition to the work of artists in the thick of war, the book also discusses those who were conscientious objectors, or peacetime meditators on war. The concluding chapter examines how Scotland has commemorated and remembered the sacrifices made during a century of conflict.

Dr Patricia R. Andrew FSA, FSAScot, AMA, FRSA, whose career has been mainly in museums and galleries in Scotland and England, is now a freelance consultant, researcher and lecturer. She has written many exhibition catalogues and has published widely on varied art-historical topics from the 18th to the 21st centuries.