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03 May 2002
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The Beauty Room


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‘The Beauty Room fairly hums with sexual tension’ – Scotland on Sunday

‘Original and enjoyable’ – The List

‘I was totally there in that house and in that atmosphere. It's incredibly sensual and physically realised. I found it both gripping, in that I kept creeping away to read it, and disturbing, in that I felt a lingering sense of that atmosphere, almost a dread. Also very sexy’ – Lesley Glaister

‘[A] search for love is at the heart of this ambitious first novel [. . .] shocking and rebarbative [. . .] an impressive debut novel, elegantly written with a generous cast of cleverly drawn complementary characters’ – Carl MacDougall, Herald

‘The Beauty Room is a sensitive account of the process of bereavement. Claire's symbolism is inspired [. . .] Although not for the prudish, it is full of insight and fine writing which will stay with you’ – Marion Baird, Scotsman

‘Celia’s repressed sexuality emerges with a bristling electricity that fairly crackles off the pages. [. . .] In facing her family history Celia has to come to terms with her ambivalent grief for a mother who hasn’t shown her love but has demanded it in abundance. Strange and menacing’ – Clare Simpson, Scottish Book Collector

After the death of her mother, Celia Roth begins life anew by redecorating the house where they lived together – the house containing her mothers beauty room. But as the new paint covers their shared history, layer upon layer of dark truths begin to surface. Celia's attempts to wrestle free from her mother's shadow falter when she receives a bouquet of black tulips, and realises she is being watched.

The revelation of long-held family secrets and a passionate new affair combine to shatter Celia's secure life in the Swiss gem trade. Forced to confront her own grief and guilt, finally she must find the strength and courage to lay her family's past to rest.

The Beauty Room is a compelling story of intense family relations. With a beautifully compassionate voice, Regi Claire talks of the pain of coping with the loss of those you loved and those you secretly grew to hate.

Twice shortlisted for a Saltire Book of the Year Award, Regi Claire is the author of four works of fiction: The Waiting, Fighting It, The Beauty Room and Inside~Outside. Her story 'The Tasting' was selected for The Best British Short Stories 2013. Regi is a Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund at Queen Margaret University and teaches creative writing at the National Gallery of Scotland. She was born and brought up in Switzerland, but now lives in Edinburgh with her husband, the writer Ron Butlin, and their golden retriever.