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Acid Attack

True Crime
Publication Date
22 February 2018
Paperback (also available as an ebook)
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Birlinn Ltd
8pp colour plates

Acid Attack

A Journalist’s War With Organised Crime
by Russell Findlay - Find out more about the author


eBook also available from the iBookstore

'I’ve read it twice, it’s an utterly fascinating book' – Tam Cowan, BBC Radio Scotland

'a good gritty read ... expect your heart to race' – Gina McKie

'Real journalism is still practised by brave individuals. I use that word deliberately, because it takes courage to expose the dangerous, violent and depraved. Russell Findlay displays that courage' – Joan McAlpine MSP, Daily Record

'Puts his head where most reporters wouldn’t put their feet' – Mark Daly, BBC Scotland investigations correspondent

Two days before Christmas 2015, veteran crime journalist Russell Findlay was the target of a vicious attack on his own doorstep. An unknown assailant, disguised as a postman, hurled sulphuric acid in his face before attempting to stab him with a steak knife. Despite suffering horrific burns, Findlay managed to overcome his assailant before the police arrived.

In this book he unravels the identity of the man who ordered the hit and reflects on a two-decade career during which he has exposed some of Scotland’s most violent and dangerous men. The result is an unflinchingly realistic portrait of the country’s criminal underworld, involving not just organised crime’s most notorious bosses but also murky behaviour by lawyers, politicians, policeman and even fellow journalists which has enabled the criminals to flourish.

Russell Findlay is a freelance writer who was formerly crime correspondent for the Sunday Mail and Scottish Sun.

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