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A Gift from the Gallowgate
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Autobiography & Biography, Biography, Fiction
Publication Date
31 July 2005
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A Gift from the Gallowgate

An Autobiography
by Doris Davidson - Find out more about the author


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This title is available as an eBook only

This is the extraordinary story of a remarkable woman. Doris Davidson was born in Aberdeen in 1922, the daughter of a master butcher and country lass. Her idyllic childhood was shattered in 1934 with the death of her father, after which, in order to make ends meet, her mother was forced to take in lodgers. In part due to her father’s sudden death, Doris left school at fifteen and went to work in an office, gradually rising through the ranks until she became book-keeper. Marriage to an officer in the Merchant Navy followed in 1942, then divorce, then her second marriage.

Her life took the first of two major changes in direction at the age of 41, when she went back to college to study for O and A levels, followed by three years at Teacher Training College. In 1967 she became a primary school teacher, and subsequently taught in schools in Aberdeen until she retired in 1982.
Not content with a quiet retirement Doris embarked on a new ‘career’ and became a writer, publishing her first work in 1990. Eight books later (and another one nearly finished), she is one of the country’s best-loved romantic novelists and has sold well in excess of 200,000 copies of her books.
In this engaging and candid autobiography, Doris Davidson recounts her growing up in Aberdeen in the ’20s and ’30s, the war years, her marriage and the unexpected paths her career has followed. With her novelist’s skill, she brings into vivid focus a life of rich experience in a book every bit as riveting as her works of fiction.


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Sheena crawford
Sep 6, 2014
I loved every one of Doris Davidson's books. She has given my family some tears but, lots and lots of laughter. We miss you, Doris. You are a hard act to follow, may you rest in peace x

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