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Publication Date
13 August 2015
Hardback (also available as an eBook)
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Birlinn Ltd
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101 Gins

To Try Before You Die



eBook also available from the iBookstore

’Gin lovers have never had it so good . . . a timely, well-written guide’ – Tom Bruce-Gardyne, Herald

’Accessible to all levels of interest . . .  Genuinely funny . . . and entertaining throughout’ – Gin Foundry, online

‘A must-have read for any gin enthusiast or G&T lover’ – The Whisky Exchange, online

‘An engaging and uber-knowledgeable guide to gin from spirits guru Ian Buxton’ – Alice Lascelles

’So how does Buxton manage to craft such an entertaining book? By having his gin and drinking it, of course. His humorous scepticism is part of the fun, but he is also an enthusiast and able to explain the varied distillation processes.’ – Henry Jeffreys, Guardian

‘a superb little book of gin related goodness  … a great companion  [and] a great style of writing that is never too heavy-going’ – Gin & Tonic Reviews

‘Thanks to the current gin craze, there couldn't be a better time to take a juniper journey around the world with 101 Gins To Try Before You Die  … Well worth buying for gin lovers’ – Irish News

‘In this well put together pocket guide, Ian runs over 101 varied British and international gins that cover the full breadth of the gin distillers craft and the mix of botanicals and flavours found in modern gin’ – Riddle Magazine

’Covers everything from French obscurities and London hipster one-offs to Aldi’s Oliver Cromwell’ – Daily Record

'A whimsical & gentle joy of a read – personal and funny. Recommended' – The Gin Guild
‘A superb little book of gin related goodness … a great companion  [and] a great style of writing that is never too heavy-going’ – Gin & Tonic Reviews (online)

We’re in the middle of a new Gin Craze. Scarcely a day goes by without an established brand offering a fresh take on their established styles or, more likely, a new boutique distillery opening its doors – where gin is de rigueur.

From Adnams to Zuidam; Beefeater to Bombay and London to Plymouth (and beyond) this new book from a best-selling drinks writer is the authoritative guide to the world of gin, and the first book to explore the explosion of innovative gin brands and the artisanal distillers that are reinventing this most English of drinks.

With serious gin bars stocking well over 300 brands and adding still more, how do you choose? Is Edinburgh Gin a style, or just a brand name? Can a rose-flower and cucumber infusion properly be called gin? Can gin be aged in wood or does that just make it a strange tasting young whisky? And what tonic to choose, and why?

In his inimitable style, best-selling drinks writer Ian Buxton will lead readers through the great gin trap with his latest no-nonsense guide to 101 Gins.

And, here's how to make the perfect gin cocktail: The Negroni:

Ian Buxton has been working in and around the whisky industry for over 20 years, but has been drinking professionally for a good deal longer. He began writing regularly for Whisky Magazine shortly after it launched, and now also writes for The Keeper, Country Life, Scotland Magazine, Scottish Field and in Russia for Whisky and Magnum magazines. He has published a number of books, including 101 Legendary Whiskies.

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