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Publication Date
20 October 2016
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Birlinn Ltd
20 x colour illustrations


The first, definitive book on Whisky

with an appreciation by Ian Buxton

by Aeneas MacDonald & Ian Buxton - Find out more about the author
‘The finest whisky book ever’ – Dave Broom
‘If I could take only one whisky book to a desert island it would be Aeneas MacDonald’s Whisky’ – Charles MacLean
‘This is a small volume but there are plenty who will love it. It is airy, witty, full of sound knowledge and practical wisdom’ – The New York Times  

This is – in the opinion of many whisky writers and experts – the finest whisky book ever written. It is certainly the first written from the point of view of the consumer and is thus historically significant. But more than that, poetic and polemic in style and with its emphasis on the importance of single malt whisky and its concern to protect and inform the consumer, it remains fresh and relevant to the interests of today’s whisky drinker. It is a remarkably prophetic book, and with Ian Buxton’s shrewd commentary and analysis, combined for the first time with period illustrations, it is brought bang up to date for today’s generations of whisky aficionados.

Aeneas MacDonald was the pseudonym under which noted author and journalist George Malcolm Thomson OBE wrote his one legendary book on the subject of whisky. He was also one of the founders of Porpoise Press. He died in 1996.

Ian Buxton has been working in and around the whisky industry for close to 30 years, but has been drinking professionally for a good deal longer. He began writing regularly for Whisky Magazine shortly after it launched, and now also writes in a variety of trade and consumer titles here and abroad. He has published a number of books, including the bestselling101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die.

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