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Publication Date
27 September 2013
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Birlinn Limited
colour & b/w illustrated throughout

These Faces

Photographs and drawings by Timothy Neat (1947-2013): Scotland, England, France, Spain
by Timothy Neat - Find out more about the author

‘These photos offer a far greater sense of continuity than most photos do, and these drawings have the air of being far more spontaneous than most
drawings. Let me put this another way. In this anthology of faces we come very close, again and again, to perceiving and sharing a human destiny.’
– John Berger

'Whilst recording the life, to date, of Timothy Neat, this book also serves as a social history of some very ordinary and quite extraordinary members of society' – Scottish Home and Country

Published to coincide with a major Retrospective Exhibition of the Life and Work of Timothy Neat, being mounted by Peacock Visual Arts,
Aberdeen (Sept – Oct, 2013), to coincide with Neat’s seventieth birthday.

The exhibition will travel to galleries in Edinburgh, Thurso, Stornoway, Uist, Leeds, Hastings, the Isle of Wight, Cornwall and Spain

These Faces is a book of encounters. The background to these encounters is Timothy Neat’s lifetime’s work as a filmmaker, writer, researcher and storyteller in which he has followed the lives of individuals and communities normally qualified as marginal: tinkers, small time fishermen, shepherds, bards, costermongers; travelling people from the Highlands, the Scottish islands; workers in Yorkshire, villagers in Andalucia, poets.

The book will contain more than 150 monochrome photographs reproduced from the highest quality prints by master-printer Robin Bell. The book is
introduced by John Berger, with whom Neat has worked recurrently since 1978, most recently in Avignon, July 2012. Neat himself will caption and
contextualise the photographs, and a number of short poems will give ‘space and measure’ to the images.

Timothy Neat is a writer, photographer, filmmaker, art historian, folklorist and artist. He has worked closely with a number of creative personalities
and his work puts up a mirror to both traditional life and modern art in Scotland. His published books include: Part Seen Part Imagined (1994),The
Summer Walkers
(1996), and the two volume biography of Hamish Henderson (2007, 2009); films include Play Me Something (winner of the
1989 Europa Prize) and Hallaig The Poetry and Landscape of Sorley MacLean (1984).

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